NYC Inflation Is Here To Stay

Prices such as cost of living and grocery shopping are skyrocketing through the roof and it’s only going to continue.

Throughout the years, Inflation in NYC has increased in percentage by 2% with rent almost being more expensive than ever. It is a cause for concern because Affordable housing is hard to come by and individuals do not make enough money to get by.

When I do a quick google search of Aparments in NYC, some apartments cost 3k to 4k a month to live in and that makes me dissapointed of how far inflation has come in NYC. I remember my mother telling me that she only paid $700 a month in the early 2000s and even she is suprised of how NYC has become expensive.

I have been living in my 3-bedroom apartment since 2016 and the rent used to be 1.5k a month. Now, it has increased to 1.9k a month. It was at that moment that I realized of how living in NYC is expensive.

Grocery shopping has become more expensive with buying $200 worth of groceries not lasting an entire week. Buying $50 worth of items feels doubled the price of what you pay for. This is why I feel like people are moving out of NYC because how absurd the inflation.

A close friend of mine decided to move to Syracuse, NY because of how expensive living in NYC is. I do not blame him at all cause nowadays people are living paycheck to paycheck trying to make end’s meet. NYC is overcrowed with alot of people and I doubt inflation is going to decrease anytime soon.

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